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MASS Production Studio is recording studio located in Rotterdam, Holland. Music is our passion, and we focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting with good vibes.

Our team exists of two members named Nilson Fonseca (Flexious) and Ricardo Lopes Costa. We produce, record, mix and master musictracks. We observe and focus on the artist and we eventually make instrumentals that suits him/her/them the best.


Nilson is the owner of MPS and got his diploma of Professional Sound Engineer. After this course he completed the course of Music Management at the Fontys Hogeschool. He takes care of the recordings, mixings and mastering of the artists. Furthermore he produces and helps with the arrangements of the tracks. He approaches musicians and he is a co-writer (ghostwriter). He also shoots video/movies and videoclips and organises events

Ricardo is the co-producer/co-arranger/co manager/creative partner of MPS and is also the keyboardist. This team-up with Nilson delivers a strong and mass production. In terms of filmproduction, he is the music composer and creates ambiences in the scenes.

So overal Mass production covers three branches. Namely Audio, Video and Entertainment.  The team want to be Allround for our artists, so the artist can go from musictrack, to videoclips, to perform at events


In short our motto’s are: professionality, uniqueness, punctuality and good vibes.

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Mass Audio production is the main service that we deliver. We give unheard artists the oppertunity to let their skills be heard to reach a fame. M.A.P. exists of three sort of artists. Extern artists, Intern Artists and Under the the name MPS.

  • External Artists

As we informed you at the bio-page, this type of artist are searching mainly for an sound engineer that does the job of recording, mixing and mastering. Artist brings his/her own instrumental of their producer. We keep in mind what kind of mixstyle the artist wants and sound good to the peoples ears. Record, mix and mastering takes about three or four days. On busy periods it can take a week. We will inform you if there is a delay.

  • Internal Artists

MPS works with allot of different artists and sometimes we offer a collabo with artists that could make a great featuring on our produced instrumental. The track stays owned by MPS but artist got a free promotion. If they decide to perform the track, then it has to be discussed with MPS-team.

  • Under the Name MPS

These artists are specifically chosen by the MPS-team and offer them a collaboration, because we see a good potential in that artist. We will then become a team where MPS stayes the beatproducers and soundengineers and the artist the songwriter. The four motto’s (professionality, uniqueness, punctuality and good vibes) are very important for a good collabo. We will delever the same. We also strife for live perfomances and musicsells. MPS will get mentioned during the performance and/or on the cover of cd’s or internetsources. We do our best to get the artist to perform on events  if the track is hitbreaking. (if the artist is ready for performance)


M.F.P. is the second branch of MPS. Here we put the focus on videorecording and editing. For an example;  if the artist made a great track, we can shoot a music clip afterwards. We do our best to put the artists needs on camera. We have connections to other professional cameraguys or the artist can be filmed by MPS-team (if the artist prefer that).

Besides that we are working on a filmproject that comes out in November 2019. You can see the trailer here:


Label is our third branch with upcoming facilities

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