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Brantley MacDonald (Steel & Stone)

I started making music in 2003 and have been active in Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae and World Music. Most recently I dedicated myself to Roots-Reggae Music as the lead singer of Steel and Stone. During this ongoing process of musical growth I developed my own unique style as a vocalist.

I collaborated with Mass Production Studio in 2012 because we both felt that we could elevate each other. I worked with them on various projects involving a wide range of music styles. In 2015 we began recording for my first album as a solo artist which led to the creation of the band Steel and Stone. The band came forward because me and MPS wanted to reproduce our studio recordings in a live atmosphere.

What I mostly like about working with MPS is the time and care that is taken during the process of creation. As a vocalist and musician I love to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself to do better, with MPS I get this opportunity.



My name is Dominiq, I have been a recording artist at mps studios for a few years now. Recording at mps has been an amazing experience. I've been able to express my creativity in countless ways, always had fun recording. The vibe was just right. The most important thing is that mps made me grow as an artist, Mps for me is the place where i learned how to write and rap like i do now. Wherever this ship will take us, I will never ever forget the importance of mps studio in my life period.

Denise Ray

My name is Denise Ray Delgado and I am a singer/songwriter.. Among others.. I have been singing since the age of ten. The passion fir music started with Opera and developed itself to Kizomba, Soul and RnB. I started to record at MPS at the age of 16. The studio was also just comencing and I can see that it grew to a studio where you can have fun, feel at home and develop yourself. Here I recorded Reserva, Be With You and also covers. Enjoy and hope to see you soon in the studio.



My rapname is Doug. I live at the eastside of Rotterdam. I came in contact with MPS because of a nephew of Nilson. Since he introduce  me to him and his studio, i chilled allot with him. We began to freestyle on known instrumentals to improve my skills of rap. If we felt the beat, we began to make it a track. i made a couple of promotiontracks. I felt like a king surrounded by kings in the studio. MPS made sure that I was comfortabel working with them. Nilson even lend me his slippers when I came over and I really respect that!

P Blend


My name is Paolo Grotestam Aka Paolo Blend, also called chameleon in a musical way. I noticed that when I started to work with MPS, Nilson Aka Flexious called me that. My experience and collabos with MPS always been dynamic, supportive and creative. I always been free to do what I felt when a project presented to me, and still the end result whas a mix of my own and what others thought would sound dope. I’m looking forward to do more work with MPS for many years!

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