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MASS Production Studio

Music/ Film & Label




Music is our main branch. We deliver your productions, recordings, mixing and masterings.

Film is the second branch of MPS. Here we put the focus on filming and film assembly

Label is our third branch with upcoming facilities

Our team exists of two members named Nilson Fonseca (Flexious) and Ricardo Lopes Costa. We produce, record, mix and master musictracks. We observe and focus on the artist and we eventually make instrumentals that suits him/her/them the best.

Ready to book a session? 

Call us at +31655394777 or fill out the contact form & we’ll get you rolling

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol – 60 KM to Rotterdam, approx 40 mins drive.
Rotterdam The Hague Airport – 5 KM to Rotterdam, approx 10 mins drive 

Rotterdam Central Station – approx 4 mins drive

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